Thursday, June 16, 2011

#41,# 42,# 43 The Bonds

#41, 42 and 43 The Bonds - Mt. Bond, Bondcliff, West Bond via Twinway, Bondcliff and West Bond trails July 24, 2010.

Mileage: 11.5 miles RT

Elevation gain: 4,492'

Trailhead:  Gale River Loop Rd - Turn off NH Rt 3 opposite the intersection with Trudeau Road at Five Corners. Follow the Gale River Loop Rd 1.6 miles until you reach the parking area on your left. You will need a WMNF parking sticker and the road is gated in winter.

Lessons learned: 1. Make sure everyone has enough water and never EVER let anyone pour their water out thinking they will not need it. There are no water sources on this hike. 

2. Know your fellow hikers. Anyone new to your hiking group should be viewed with a bit of skepticism.  It could be the difference between a prepared and enjoyable hike, and a day spent trying to lug one of your companions out of the woods.
3. Use poles, especially when you are tired and there are mudpuddles!

4. Check the weather before trekking up Bondcliff.  If t-storms threaten, save that hike for another time.

Peaks bagged were South Twin (twice), Bond (twice), Bondcliff and West Bond.

#41 Mount Bond  via Twinway July 24, 2010.  Hiked with Sandy, Joe, Rich and Louise. Twinway from Galehead Hut to Bondcliff trail.  The hike over South Twin to Mt. Bond was socked in with fog but the weather was improving when we summitted Mt. Bond.     
Weather started out foggy on South Twin.
 A stone wall was built there and I found a pickax in the bushes – I guess someone was maintaining the trail. Amazing view of the Bondcliff trail up to Bondcliff, and a very steep descent down to that trail (and very steep ascent when heading back).

View of Bondcliff from Bond. Weather was clearing.
#42 Bondcliff, July 24, 2010 via Bondcliff trail. Weather cleared giving way to a breathtaking 360° view.  Many people were up there, drinking vodka and sunning themselves. We think they were staying at Guyot campground.
When at the summit of Bondcliff, get someone to take a photo of you standing on the cliff.
#43 West Bond July 24. 2010 via Bondcliff trail to West Bond trail. Seemed long and unexciting after the thrill of Bondcliff, though the view was beautiful. We were tired and wanting to get back for dinner at the hut.
When I climb these peaks again I will most likely hut ho;, one night at Zealand hut and a traverse over to Galehead hut, rather than hiking to and from Galehead hut.  The stay at Galehead was wonderful but hiking there out to Bondcliff and back is more elevation gain and mileage that a point-to-point. This is definitely a hike I would do again!

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