Monday, June 20, 2011

#27 Cannon Mountain

27. Cannon Mountain via Hi-Cannon trail, July 14, 2009.
Elevation: 4100'
Mileage: 5.9 miles
Elevation gain: 2300'

Trailhead:  This hike starts at Lafayette Campground off of Interstate 93 in Franconia Notch State Park.
The Hi-Cannon trail is listed on the Terrifying 25 (a list I am not working on but you may be!).

Hiked with Sandy and Jen.  The weather was cloudy but clear, although it did rain on the way down (about ). 
Hiked Hi-Cannon trail to Kinsman Ridge trail to the summit lookout and then took Kinsman Ridge to the tram, where we had lunch in the cafeteria.   Took Kinsman Ridge to Lonesome Lake trail back down to the Lafayette campground. 
The Hi-Cannon trail was steep but not bad; the 15 foot ladder was sturdy but the transition on to the cliff was tricky, especially with a big pack (a rock just at the transition makes for a low ceiling). 

Sandy at the top of the ladder.  Duck as you transition to the rocks!
The views were spectacular at the summit, with Lafayette, Liberty on one side, the Kinsmans on the other.  The USGS summit marker is located under the lookout deck.  A guy from Colorado was up there and asked us how the people in flip flops were able to hike up (Cannon has a gondola!) 
Look under the lookout deck for the USGS summit marker.
Hiked from 9-3 with a long lunch in between.  No bugs or wind, even at the top.
I hiked this peak again on Columbus Day with Rich, Sandy and Joe. Same trail, same fun time - however the Kinsman Ridge to Lonesome Lake trail down was exceptionally steep, guess I had not noticed on the earlier hike. 

Girls On The Lookout!

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