Monday, June 20, 2011

#31 Mt. Cabot

#31 Mt. Cabot via York Pond to Bunnell Notch to Kilkenny Ridge to Mt. Cabot trails, September,12 2009. 

Distance: 9.6 miles RT

Elevation gain: 2400'

Trailhead:  Past the Berlin Fish Hatchery on York Pond Road, Berlin.  Go through the hatchery gates and trailhead is just past the complex. 

Lesson learned:  Check on access.  It is not unusual to have roads closed for repairs, closed routinely early in the season, and for private property to become inaccessible.  Respect this and prepare
Hiked with Rich, Eileen, and Sandy.   Weather was cloudy and it did rain for a few minutes near the peak.  Hiked York Pond Trail (from the Berlin Fish Hatchery- we talked to a fish and game employee sporting a huge wad of chew) to Bunnell Notch Trail to Kilkenny Ridge Trail to Mt. Cabot trail (summit). 
A few weeks prior to our hike, I called the Berlin Fish Hatchery to check on their hours because I heard they closed at 4 p.m. When they're not open, the gate is across the road to the trailhead.  They were very accommodating and assured me that in the summer they tend to open the gate early and leave it open late.
Trail started out on a very grassy logging road (tall grass and some small stream crossings) and then began a very gradual ascent.  A few views here and there but the trail and summit were in the woods.  Looked in a cabin maintained by the boy scouts – they removed the stove for safety, only to toss it on the front lawn of the cabin in pieces. 

Nice view from the Boy Scout cabin.

This handsome hiker is at the true summit of Cabot.
There is a false summit (where the sign is) but about 30 yards beyond is a higher point where a small carved marker is attached to a tree. 

Easy up and down: started on trailhead about 8 and we were down about 2:30.

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