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#15 #16 Tripyramids North and Middle Peaks May 31, 2009

#15 North Tripyramid (4,180') and #16 Middle Tripyramid (4,140') via Scaur Ridge, Pine Bend Brook and Mt. Tripyramid Trails, May 31, 2009.

Mileage:  12.1 miles (RT)
Elevation gain: 3,000'
Trailhead: Hikers must walk the gated Livermore Road to get to the Scaur Ridge trailhead (several miles). 
Directions to the Livermore Road parking area (taken from
I-93, Exit 28, NH49, Waterville Valley/Campton exit.
NH49 East to Waterville Valley. Mark odometer.
At approximately 9 mi., on right will see sign for "ski area" and then for Waterville Valley.
At approximately 10 mi., turn left onto Tripoli Rd.
Mark odometer (under 2 miles from here).
On left, will pass Waterville Campground, WMNF.
On right, will pass Mobil gas station.
At 1.2mi., veer right at fork staying on Tripoli Rd.
(veering left would take you up to Waterville Valley ski area).
Junction Waterville Valley Road and Tripoli Rd.
Turn right to stay on Tripoli Rd.
"Depot Camp and Livermore Trailhead, WMNF, turn right ahead" sign.
Turn right, go over bridge.
Turn immediately left onto dirt road, will see gated road (this is Livermore Road). Park in lot. (Note: Tripoli Road is closed in the winter.)

Hiked with Rich, Kevin, Debbie, and Norm and his group which included Marie, David, Abby and Jeff. It was an overcast, gray day with chance of rain. 

Heading down the road to the trailhead.

We hiked several miles down Livermore Road to the Scaur Ridge trailhead.

Reached the Scaur Ridge trailhead - finally!

From there things got steeper until the trail met with Pine Bend Brook trail.  Our first peak was North Tripyramid and after a break, we went over to Middle Tripyramid.

Nice views of Waterville Valley Ski Area

Summit shot. 

The group was talking about heading to South Tripyramid and down the south slide back to the cars. It cut at least a mile off of our trip back.  I was all for it.....until I realized I'd left my hiking poles back on the summit of North Tripyramid. So the group split and we returned the way we came.

Several friends who accompanied me back to North Tripyramid were quite annoyed with me leaving my poles.  Until it started to rain. We got down to the cars in time for dinner at Foster's Boiler room.  The others had to cautiously pick their way down a wet slide and didn't get back until well after dark.  Although it was a missed adventure, going back via Scaur Ridge trail may have been the better way after all.


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