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#17 Mt. Moriah June 13, 2009.

#17 Mt. Moriah (4049') via Stony Brook and Carter Moriah trails June 13, 2009. 

Mileage: 10 miles RT

Elevation gain: 3150'

Trailhead: Trailhead located on Route 16, 2 miles south of Gorham. 

Lesson learned:  Group hikes consist of hikers of all abilities.

What a beautiful mountain to hike. Mt. Moriah has everything a hiker could possibly want: beautiful woods and streams, slabs up high with spectacular views, and a scramble up a chimney to the summit.

This was an AMC led hike. Our friend Norm was in the process of earning trip leader certification for AMC, which requires the trainee to lead two hikes with a mentor (a seasoned AMC hike leader).  The Mt. Moriah hike was his second mentored hike.

It was a beautiful day and Charlotte, Marie, Dave and Bob were there as well. Charlotte had a terrible sinus infection but decided to go anyway. This would be her 24th NH four thousand footer, putting her halfway to completion!
After hiking a few miles, we came to a spot with views - finally!
The hike started out uneventful. We had about ten in our party, hikers of all ages and abilities.  It seemed to take forever to get to the trail junction and I scouted ahead of the group to find it.  After a moderate gain in elevation, I finally made it.

Carter-Moriah trail junction.
The terrain changed and the going got steeper. We got to a plateau, a grouping of fairly level slabs that appear to be the height of land. Is this the summit?  No, the trail continues on.  Norm guided us back onto the trail into the woods for a short period until we got to a summit sign.

Our eyes followed the arrow on the sign. Up  - a steep chimney which looked tougher to take than it was.  In no time we were at the summit.

Charlotte, who was hiking slightly slower than the rest of the group, had sent the sweep ahead so she could hike at her own pace. When she reached the slabs she looked for us, thinking it was the summit.  She radioed Norm as to where to go from here and before long was up the chimney and having lunch with the rest of us.
While hanging around on the summit, we started talking about the list; the NH 48 4000 footers.  One in our group suggested another list: the 4,000 48 footers and we all agreed that would be easier to do!
We headed down late in the afternoon as the sun started to set.  We had dinner and a beer or two at The Moat in North Conway, and celebrated Norm's official hike leader status. 

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