Friday, July 15, 2011

#30 Mt. Lincoln September 6, 2009.

#30 Mt. Lincoln (5,089') via and Falling Waters trails, September 6, 2009. 

Mileage:  8.9 miles (loop)

Elevation gain: 3,900'

Trailhead: Lafayette Place off I-93 in Franconia Notch State Park. Parking areas on either side with a foot travel tunnel running underneath.  Restrooms too!

Hiked with Rich (he had not hiked Mt. Lafayette and we both needed Mt. Lincoln).  We chose the Lafayette-Franconia Ridge-Lincoln loop on this day because the weather was beautiful; no wind, blue skies, moderate temperatures.  There were no clouds and no bugs. 

We traveled the Old Bridal Path - stopping at Greenleaf Hut for a bit - to the summit of Mt. Lafayette, which wasn’t as difficult as I remembered from my trek up with little kids (see previous report).  At the top, we ate lunch and then headed down Franconia Ridge to Mt. Lincoln and  Little Haystack (4,760'). 
No shortage of friends on top of Mt. Lafayette.

Up on the ridge.

Navigating the ridge.

Descending Falling Waters trail was tricky as it is very steep  - but pretty with many waterfalls.  (I would advise hiking this loop going up Falling Waters trail).  

The hike started at about down by .  The views are incredible and on this day we could see for over 100 miles.  Gliders flying overhead and the many people on the trail made for a fun day!

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