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#40 South Twin Mountain from Galehead Hut July 24, 2010

#40 South Twin Mountain (4,902') via Twinway (from Galehead Hut) July 24, 2010. 

Mileage: 1.6 miles (RT from Galehead Hut) -  11.8  mile RT from Gale River Trailhead

Elevation gain: 1,102' (from Galehead Hut) - 3,600' from Gale River Trailhead

Trailhead: Hike started at Galehead Hut. Getting to the hut requires hiking up the Gale River and Garfield Ridge trails 4.7 miles. Trailhead for the Gale River trail is on the Gale River Loop Road off of Route 3 in Bethlehem (across from Trudeau Road) several miles before the Route 3/Route 302 intersection in Twin Mountain.  

Lesson learned:  What a difference a few hours makes!

I hiked to this peak with Rich, Sandy, Joe, and Louise, part of our Bonds hike (the South Twin summit lies on the Twinway trail to the Bonds).  

We started our hike around 7:30 in cool and foggy weather.  We were happy no thunderstorms were predicted as our goal was to get to Mt. Bond, Bondcliff and West Bond.  More than one friend had lamented over hiking trips that failed to get Bondcliff due to the threat of lightning (Bondcliff is very exposed with virtually nowhere safe to go if the weather gets tough).

The trail from Galehead Hut is very steep but short and not difficult.  We were at the peak well within an hour. The summit was socked in with fog.  Heavy clouds drifted around us.  There were no views; it was hard to see each other! We took a few photos and headed down the AT to the Bonds.

The dog is not ours but since I love dogs, I asked if he could be in the photo.
As the day progressed, the mist cleared showing us the beautiful views which make the Bonds one of the most popular hikes in the Whites (if not the most popular).  We reached all of our intended summits and headed back up to the summit of South Twin to find the top looking very different from that of the morning's visit.

The beautiful summit of South Twin.
Total hike this day was 11.5 miles, which included all three Bonds. To read about my Bonds hike, visit my trip report of July 24th. 

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