Wednesday, January 25, 2012

#51 Camels Hump (4083') VT August 2007

#51 Camels Hump via Burrows Trail, August, 2007

Mileage: 4.8 miles RT

Elevation gain:  2300'

Trailhead: The trailhead is located off of Camels Hump Road in the state park.

Lesson learned:  The peak is closer than it appears.

After hiking Mt. Mansfield on our Mountain Mommas third annual hiking weekend, I figured we would choose sightseeing or riding down an alpine slide the next day.

It was not to be.

The group decided to hike Camel's Hump instead. Rich and I had never hiked two peaks in two days and Rich was not excited about dragging tired legs up another mountain.  Marie and David had already hiked Camels Hump the year before so they went off for a ride in a glider.  We headed to the trail.

After a few minutes of heavy legs, muscles warmed up and we were on our way up, another moderate trail with easy grade, another beautiful day. When Marie and David climbed Camel's Hump the weather was very foggy and they could not see anything at the top.  We felt fortunate that we would be able to enjoy the views Camels Hump is famous for.

When we got to a clearing, Rich was spent - tired, hungry - and he said wouldn't go on. He rested on a rock and after chugging a Gatorade (at the insistence of his friends) he started feeling better.

Gatorade to Rich's rescue; the group taking a break before tackling the summit.
The summit. It appeared a lot farther away than it actually was. 

That is, until he looked up and saw the summit. It seemed miles away to him and his motivation sank. We dragged him off the rock and pushed him up the trail anyway.

Heading up the narrow path through the scrub to the summit.

 At first the narrow trail ascended but it quickly leveled off and the going got easy.  We were at the summit in no time!  The views were spectacular, more than we could have hoped for. Rich was glad for the push!

The group minus Marie and David. We will try to photoshop them in later.

 After a lengthy stay at the top, we headed down and that evening swapped adventure stories with Marie and David.  The weekend was one of my most memorable and I cannot wait to bag more peaks in Vermont. 
Wow. It truly is a camels hump!

#50 Mt. Mansfield, VT (State Highpoint #6) August 2008

#50 Mt. Mansfield, VT (4,393') via Long Trail. (State High Point #6) August 2008  

Mileage: 4.6 miles RT

Elevation gain: 2800'

Trailhead: The entrance to the Long trail up to Mt. Mansfield is off Route 108 in Stowe.

Lesson learned: When Charlotte says she isn't sure she brought her hiking boots, stop the car and check!

I hiked this peak with the Mountain Mommas and the Mommas' Crew, our third annual MM hiking weekend.

Several weeks prior to this event we all piled into cars for a "State Highpointing Hat Trick," which took us to the high points of Rhode Island, Connecticut and Massachusetts within 43 hours.  Summitting Mt. Mansfield would complete our New England state highpoints. 

We hiked on a portion of Vermont’s famous Long Trail.  Norm's friend Barb hiked with us (she also hiked Mt. Graylock, Massachusett's highpoint, during our Hat Trick weekend).

The group stayed at a B&B in Stowe, Vermont, a nice place with a hot tub but unfortunately not hot showers.  Marie and David had upgraded to a suite with lots of room, a kitchen and storage cubbies.  We gathered there for socializing.

On the day of the hike the weather was perfect: blue skies and warm temps.    The trailhead was about 35 minutes from the B&B and halfway there, Charlotte announced that she
 was not sure she had her hiking boots with her.  Rich was driving and I suggested he stop so we could look. He did not think it was necessary to stop and of course, we got the the trailhead and her boots were not in the car (had he stopped when we were just heading out it things would have been much easier!).
So back we went to try to find Charlotte's boots. Half of the group stayed and started their hike (we had been running late before we realized we had to go back and look for the boots).  

We got back to the B&B and after 10 minutes of frantic looking, found Charlotte's boots in a cubbie in Marie and David's suite. Marie and David were already up on the trail.  So glad we brought their room key with us!

When we were finally back at the trailhead, we quickly made up for lost time and caught up with our group.  The trail was moderate with good footing to start but it soon became challenging. There was a chimney to climb and a good amount of rock slab to negotiate. 
David climbing the chimney.
Once at the summit, the views were spectacular, but the bugs were ferocious.  We stayed there for a photo and until we could stand it no longer and headed down the trail to the car.

The Mountain Mommas and the MM Crew for a photo on top of Mt. Mansfield.
The trip down was uneventful and the group looked forward to floating in the outdoor hot tub and a good dinner.