Saturday, March 9, 2013

High Point, New Jersey (State High Point #7)

High Point, NJ (1,803') via Appalachian Trail (State High Point #7) October, 2008.

Distance: 2 miles RT

Elevation gain:  less than 300'

Trailhead: High Point State Park, Route 23, 8 miles NW of Sussex, NJ.

Lesson learned: High point monuments need maintenance.

Hiked the high point of New Jersey with Rich, Rhiannon, and Isabelle (Rhiannon's pug). This high point, aptly named "High Point," has a tower at the top which visitors can climb for maximum views.  
It was a beautiful fall day though the colors had gone by for the most part.  We parked our car at the visitor center and quickly found the Appalachian Trail, which would take us to about 1/4 mile from the tower.

Taking a break. Monument in the background.
We passed through some forest and field and soon came to the cut-off to the monument.

Looking up from very close.

The monument was closed for the season so we couldn't enjoy the view from the top.  In fact, there was evidence of vandalism on the door and it appeared the state was working on revitalizing the structure.  

Base of the monument (notice the door on the right).

There were many visitors at the site that day.  We took a few photos and headed back to our car.  

The High Point monument is a stately structure worthy of revitalization and I imagine the area has received a sprucing up since our visit.  

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