Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sassafras Mountain, South Carolina (State Highpoint #11)

Sassafras Mountain (3,560') July 2009

Drove up and parked.
Directions:  Route 178 (from I-85) to the town of Rocky Bottom to Road 199 (or F. Van Clayton Highway). Drive 5 miles up hill, park and follow a small path the rest of the way.  (This highpoint was much easier to find than anticipated.)
Visited this highpoint with Rich.  The welcome sign was broken and hard to read but we walked up the dirt road to the knoll and reached a construction site for installation of a cell tower. 

Not what we were expecting at a state highpoint.

We weren't sure where the highpoint was but had Zumwalts highpointing guide and used the description to verify we were in the right place (namely a rusty braided wire coming out of a tree).

Over the years this wire became part of the tree.
Same tree. Over Rich's shoulder is a path to a partial view.
The large tower was lying inches away from the USGS marker.
A few photos later we walked back to the car and left.
In 2010 the land was transferred and is under the care of the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources.   The area has been cleaned up and is home to a new monument. 

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