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Ebright Azimuth, Delaware (State High Point #21), March 25, 2012

Ebright Azimuth, Delaware (448'), March 25, 2012.

Mileage: Drive up

Directions to highpoint: (from Wilmington, DE, drive north along I-95. Take Exit 8 for Highway 202 (Northbound). At 4.9 miles, turn right onto SR-92 East/Naamans Road. At 1.1 miles, turn left onto Ebright Road. At 0.6 miles, reach the street intersection with Ramblewood Drive. Park alongside one of those roads. Walk to the highpoint monument sign and USGS Benchmark disk located near the intersection of Ebright Road and Ramblewood Drive.

I flew into Baltimore on my way to DC for a work event, rented a car and headed up to visit the highpoint of Delaware.  

It's very easy to find the USGS marker for this highpoint.  The road tops out right at the sign.   Actually the high point of this area is in the trailer park behind the sign (I hear it's under one of the trailers) but the USGS markers available to highpointers are by the sign and down the small road to your right.  

Marker by the sign (construction crew once paved over it!).

Pennsylvania's border is very close to this area so if you drive by the highpoint and wind up in Pennsylvania, you've gone too far!

I got out of the car and took a few photos, walked down that small road to the other USGS marker (easy to find, its in a concrete block), then headed back to my car.

The other marker down that little road.
Just before I got in, Doreen Kupchick, a highpoint neighbor, came out to chat and had me sign a register she keeps. 

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