Saturday, August 13, 2016

Baker Mountain (Saranac Six 1/6), August 6, 2016

Baker Mountain (2,452') via Mt. Baker Trail, August 6, 2016.

Distance: 1.8 miles (RT) 

Elevation gain: 884'

Trailhead: Trail starts at the curve of the Moody Pond on Forest Hill Ave, Saranac Lake, NY. On Main Street, turn right onto Pine Street, and left onto Forest Hill Avenue. There is a small parking area adjacent to the pond. Trail is across the street from the pond.

Hiked with Jill, Ken and Ed.  We designed our trips to the Adirondacks to include a "zero" day or two, to allow time for our limbs to recover from hiking the high peaks. Today was that day and we decided it would be fun to start the Saranac Six list, a list our friend Sarah had completed. It looked like fun. The 6er website,, has information about the peaks, whose hikes range from 1.8 miles (Baker) to 10.6 miles (McKenzie).

The trailhead is well marked and well traveled.  We started out on a wide, fairly flat path, that gently steepens until it breaks into a series of slabs all the way to the top.  

A bit eroded.

The views of the pond and lake are lovely and it's no surprise this area is a favorite of the locals.

The summit has three USGS markers. 

A little waterlogged....

We took a few pictures, checked out the views and went to play mini golf.

One down, five to go......

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  1. I climbed Baker in May with my sons and my three-year-old granddaughter. My granddaughter walked up all by herself, although her dad and uncle each carried her part way down. It's a great mountain for a kid, steep enough that they don't get bored, but short enough that they don't get too tired.