Thursday, December 1, 2016

Sawgrass Lake, Florida, November 27, 2016

Sawgrass Lake Park Trails, November 27, 2016.

Distance: 2 ish miles

Trailhead: The address of Sawgrass Lake Park is 7400 25th Street N., St. Petersburg, Florida. Entrance to the park is free.

Several months ago, our friend Becky gave us a booklet entitled, "Florida Hiking Trails, A Guide to Florida's Top Hiking Trails."  We took the challenge: to hike each featured forest, park or preserve.  

Sawgrass Lake Park is #19/29 listed in the booklet.

Hiked with Rich. We were pressed for time and didn't feel like driving too far so we picked the closest and shortest hike in the booklet: Sawgrass Lake Park, heading down Highway 19 toward St. Petersburg.

Like other parks in the area, Sawgrass Lake is a wild forest nestled between civilization. It's very convenient to be able to go from life in the city to a walk along the paths and boardwalks, see wildlife and enjoy the lake and this large maple swamp.  

Turtles float on the vegetation.

There is one drawback; the highway is very close to many of the trails and the noise can be distracting.  There are several points where you can see the road and the many vehicles whizzing by.  We went on a Sunday afternoon and at times had to raise our voices to be heard over the traffic.

Armadillo sniffing out food.

Baby alligator.  We saw several small ones.

The trails are boardwalks, brick, and dirt.

We headed toward the overlook, a two-tiered pavilion where you can view the lake and the many birds and turtles inhabiting it.  The overlook is not for the timid; the structure sways back and forth.  The rangers might want to check the foundations!

Overlook on the lake.

Sawgrass Lake

All together it's just two miles of trail but a nice way to spend an hour.