Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Mt. Aire, Utah, June 18, 2017

Mileage:  3.8ish miles (RT) gate open;  6.5ish miles (RT) gate closed

Elevation gain:  1,991' (add 200' if the gate is closed)

Trailhead The trail begins at Elbow Fork near Salt Lake City (from Mill Creek Canyon Road, use these directions). Part of Mill Creek Canyon Road is closed from November 1 until July 1. During those months hikers park at the Maple Grove Picnic Area parking lot and walk the road up to the trailhead (adding 1+ miles each way).

Mt. Aire boasts beautiful views from its summit at 8,621'. 

Hiked with my brother today.  We parked at Maple Grove Picnic Area and headed up the steep, windy paved road (be mindful of fast moving cyclists - this road also intersects the Pipeline Trail). Temps were in the high forties and we walked fast to keep warm.

Road walk.

We got to the trailhead in no time (located left of a sharp right curve).

The trailhead is well marked.

Don't let this sweet trail fool you - it gets steep fast!

The path hugs the creek for a bit then crosses.  It's a steady climb, great for training.

There are no blazes on the trees but the path is easy to follow.

Lambs Canyon trail junction. We continued on to Mt. Aire.

Soon we were out of the canyon and up a series of gravelly switchbacks.

Checking out the road below...

By the time we reached the summit, it had warmed up quite a bit. So had we!

View from the summit area.

We hung around the summit and took pictures, then headed down in time for lunch, being careful not to slip on the small round rocks (hateful things).  We used the road walk back to cool down and stretch.

A bike event was taking place and by the time we got back to our car, the parking lot was filling up with spectators.  

It was a short hike but we felt it. This is a great half-day hike and the unrelenting climb and steep switchbacks are great for getting legs ready for the big climbs!