Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Woodall Mountain, MISSISSIPPI (State High Point #32), 3/23/2019

Woodall Mountain, Mississippi (806'), March 23, 2019.

Mileage: Drive up.

Directions:  US-72 to MS 25 to Fairground Road/Old Highway 25 to County Road 176 in Iuka, MS. Turn onto Woodall Mountain Road. The roads are well signed; the final approach is steep.

This is the third highpoint visited on this road trip (see trip reports for Arkansas and Louisiana).  Yesterday, Sandy and I drove through the farmlands of Louisiana and across the Mississippi River into Mississippi.  We stayed at a hotel in Corinth and got up early to visit Woodall Mountain.

Pretty amazing bridge and view of the river!

Lots of signs. This highpoint is easy to find! 

Though there's history in this area (Civil War battle), the actual highpoint is quite understated.  Woodall Mountain no longer has a tower; just remnants of the foundation remain.

The real excitement is getting there; the last short push to the top is on a steep gravelly road.  Going down this road was fun too.

Foundation posts for the tower are in a fenced in area.

We took a few photos, signed the register, got back in the car and headed east toward Alabama (click here for Alabama highpoint visit).